mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

(Just try to) Hug a Feral today! It's National Feral Cat Day!

here are my lovely feral girls- the sisters farah and nixe- who now let me pet them. they are the sweetest cats and are very very gentle and respectful with poor old harriot brown. if they had been collected by animal control instead of the TNR( trap neuter release/return) rescue people they would have been automatically killed merely because they are feral( ie specifically meaning unsocialized to humans not stray) and considered unadoptable.

feral cats exist because of human irresponsibility. people do not fix and spay their cats. they dump unwanted pets outside. they move and just leave them. in some areas they shoot and kill feral cats in colonies in order to ' control' them. the cats themselves are blameless- the victims of human negligience just trying to survive. acclimating kittens born to ferals to humans and finding homes for them is the best way to save them however older cats who have been in the wild longer are often impossible to ' tame'. making sure they are fixed and have their shots and then rereleasing them is the best, cheapest, least destructive and most humane way to control feral cat populations.

70% of cats brought into shelters are euthanized. of these all that are deemed' feral' are killed. it is no easy task to take in a long standing feral and domesticate it- often it's impossible and even the kittens can be very difficult .it does take time and often infinite patience. most people will not adopt a cat that wants nothing to do with them and shelters do not have the time, money, space, or inclination to socialize these cats.

i took in my girls because of their unadoptability-taken in as kittens they were still quite slow to accept humans. harriot brown herself through being ignored by her humans was basically an indoor feral when i came to adopt her. it took years for me to be able to pet her. today she comes like a puppy if i call for her. i won't lie and say it's been easy-farah and nixe are still quite skitterish and are very slowly coming to trust me. everyday they force me to consider my actions and the effects they may have. i've learned more from them then they could ever learn from me. i am so thankful they are in my life. when their faces light up and i can see that their eyes no longer have that veiled and fearful look of a feral cat confronted with a potentially dangerous human it makes my whole day right.

today i am so very proud of my feral girls.persia was right- these were definitely the cats for me.

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