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siouxsie sioux comes out as crazy cat lady
"Just doing press and photo shoots, for God's sake, when I could be at home with my kitties. "

"Ugh, truth be told, I'm not that turned on by that many people! I prefer my cats. Animals are just better. "

and her feelings on michael vick:

"Speaking of animals, did you hear about this American footballer who was caught dogfighting?
Yes, I read about that! That guy is a fucking piece of shit. It's inhuman on a fucking Nazi level. Poor defenseless animals.

Well, he's found God now.
Oh, bullshit. They ought to let Siouxsie at him. Here's what I'd do. First, I'd shove a football up his ass. Then I'd put a very angry pussy in his underwear. And lastly I would baste him in peanut butter and throw him in a room with rabid, hungry pit bulls! Ugh, I swear I'd fucking kill him. Bastard!"


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I've always been in love with Siouxsie... :)

well, put on a tail, pointed ears, whiskers and do her laundry...or so it seems from that article.

LOL, indeed it does. Maybe I should. Tee hee.

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