mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

notes from the abyss

i went to quincy. i know i know. it was actually braintree but i think they say theyre in quincy because it sounds closer to boston and is the name of presidents. but it's fucking braintree.

i stayed up all night after that joy ride( whomever was it who thought to put a ' luxury hotel' in an abandoned industrial park that hasn't been relandscaped?)( oh and did i mention there was rush hour traffic exiting that hell's water hole tunnel after 2:30 am?).i bagged kookies for kitties™, gathered up assorted old appliances and drove to waltham to donate it all to the place i got the torties from for their yard sale. i gave the best stuff- a dvd player, a tv, a rad slot car set, a blender and really good cookies that retail for 2 dollahs each- not an assortment of old coffee cups and moldy board games like everyone else. if you ever think of yourself as a crazy cat person- trust me -you're not when the actual crazy cat people think you're the scary satan person all in black at 6:30am blaring garbage from the car just to stay awake as you make your way around watch city. i grew up in waltham but you would have thought i just landed from mars. none of the people i usually deal with were there yet so it was' why is this creepy person not covered in cat fur and without a kitty cat sweatshirt on talking to us?'. this was solved by producing the cookies- which makes all girls squeal. so once again prejudice was over come by baked goods.

i went home and slept for a few hours and went to work again, missing a baroque music concert and having to count every fucking speck and crumb in the bakery. everytime i revamped the spred sheet for the inventory it would get lost or my hand written sheet would be transfered to an old out dated sheet in the computer and thus rendered inaccurate. so it somehow has been translated that i ' wasn't counting everything'. this really pisses me off because no one has counted the stock as well as i have and i have the largest inventory in the entire company. it's not my fault they use the oldest version of Word on the freaking planet-cavemen were using it to log in how many deers killed and even they bitched about it's user unfriendliness and penchant for crashing, dead cells and inability to save everything consistantly .when i was on vacation they redid the sheet in yet another incompatible version of Word(which i had done the month before but it was lost when they got a new computer and the IT guy never transfered all the files) so it's impossible to decipher- many things are listed 2 or 3 times and things that already existed were renamed and added again. it took an extra hour to do.

so i got home sometime sunday morning very very cranky. watched a really annoying show about a chipper 'good' serial killer 'fighting evil' which further pissed me off so i had to watch all of them( on demand has an entire season for free) to really rile myself up.

so on my few seconds off i am getting speakers for the surround sound so the girls can watch 'meerkat manor' in style. they seem to think theyre ' skinny rats'. and the dvd version of ' faster pussy cat kill kill ' just came in the mail.

"varla, the OUTRAGEOUSLY ABUNDANT karate master leader of the pack"

praise the lord for hack-able to all region dvd players because the USA dvd is 4 times the price of the european one.

" outrageously abundant"....

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