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"the sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws"

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"You have two of EVERYTHING...and some left over" :)

" super women. belted, buckled, and booted."

i love how they're go go dancers whose hobbies are drag racing and beating up men.

Shoot if that is what go-go dancers actually did, I would consider being a go-go dancer :)

and my cats sure could use some ' corrective table antics'(????).

the chick with the really fake italian accent-it was once described by someone as ' creamy italian'...

i'd still go out if the go go dancers looked like these pussy cats, weighed more then 10 pounds and provided' unladylike karate chops' to anyone that annoyed them. plus those watusi dance moves....

tura santana actually was actually in a girl gang, learned karate after she was gang raped at 9 years old and did time in reform school. part japanese she was intered in a camp with her family. she dated elvis.into her 60s she was still making public appearances and taking kick boxing classes. she woul want lucy lawless to play her in any film about her fascinating life.

oh man i think she's my hero....

sorry many mistakes and tura santana is main pussycat.

Tura is an amazing person. She dated ELVIS! You should email her on myspace. She's super cool and nice, and if you're sincere, she will talk with you.

Oh, and it's Satana.

thank you- yes of course youre right- i got her last name wrong.

She's my hero. Yeah, the go go girls of today look like starving freaks with fake tits.

and tura really was a burlesque dancer too...

"I am even thinking of opening a burlesque training school, so that I can show these ladies how to use a stage. There will be no poles to hang from and they will learn how to use and stage and make their audience want to watch them."-tura

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