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last of the brighton ave 6-still standing
i think harriot brown may have had a little stroke. she seemed a tad better last night and her head wasn't oddly tilted to the side anymore.i do not want to speak too soon-she does have a heart condition and she is a very old cat- however she may just come around. she's still frail but she's eating and drinking as usual so she may be rebounding from an event. there's not a lot you can do when cats have strokes-just wait and see how they may or may not recover.the vet told me in all likelihood harriot would probably succumb to heart disease even while we treated her hyperthyroid condition.for now she seems stable.

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Aww....I hope she bounces back a little. Poor thing, reading this, I get petrified for what is coming. You have been stronger than I could ever be in that situation, and for that you are to be commended.

That being said..when can I come visit your ladies?

that they were all of such advanced years for cats and had had years of nothing but love and security-that's what i have had to constantly remind myself of. 7 is considered senior for cats, really, and these girls have all double that and then some. while it's hard to let them go, in these situations you have to remind yourself that everyone has their time here and then they have to go- to die at home, surrounded by the people who love you after a long life-well a wouldn't mind that myself.i hope they know i did the best i could and i regret anything that could have prolonged any pain or suffering.

i'm lucky i had them with me so long.

well, the new gals are all giddy - the new kitty has them whipped up into a feline froth. the feral gals are learning its ok to play and the 3 of them tear around the house .i realize it's been sooo long since i had kittens in the house. theyre really fun. i wonder who will be your new gal pal here...i'll know sat. when i'll be around this weekend and i will be about monday as so far i still have the day off.just let me know when you'll be about.

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