mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" night came, uninvited, pierced through with stars"

harriot brown's time might be nigh.

i've seen so much cat death lately that, on top of the usual kitty cat warning dreams i receive , i've come to notice some things they start to do. some are obvious; some not so. they hide more. they sleep more. they forget they've done things like eat- i think they get a feline version of alzheimer's. she eats. i sit down to eat my dinner and she comes looking for me to feed her again even though the full plates are still on the floor.

they tend to get really focused on eating. she looks forward to me getting up and feeding her and me coming home and feeding her. if i am late it is very distressing for her even though there is always plenty of food left for them when i'm at work. she's always been a chow hound but it's more pointed and desperate now.

when they sleep they can no longer hold their heads up the way cats do when they nap loaf style. as of last night brown cannot keep her head up-it lolls over to the side. in all other ways she's as fine as one can expect a cat her age to be( about 20 years old) and not in pain but i fear she's leaving us very soon.the head thing- the same happened with persia and she died the next day .

'tis the season.
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