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the name game
help name my pussy!

so far:

Tyrone( after WILD's 'Tyrone on the phone')
FuckingWhore( Farah's suggestion)
Ghostface Killah

nothing really fits so far.

please add your suggestions and enjoy some thematic music a la shirley ellis:

and rememeber she is an all black witchy catmeaning- she's a fucking goth.

" waif waffles!"

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i was soo thinking of calling her ' blackie' the way uber honkies always name their black cats.

the First Cat is basically called the 'hispanic' version of Darkie/ Blackie.India or Indio are new world spanish language slangy terms usually applied to dark skinned latinos or those deemed as having more indigenous indian blood then western european spanish blood.


maybe i should name her La India after the singer-

" but ya did blanche, ya did..."

oh totally! i was thinking of Blanca too..and Blanche....

she's so damn chipper-not at all like the surly goth cats i usually have..maybe she should be Tiffany or something ivy league like Muffin.

BTW...I am totally in love with that kitty of yours :)


i had a feeling she'd be your new ' gal pal'. i am soo glad they all basically came out for you. she is a little sweetie. it's so hard not to smile when she's around.

and i think Farah has a kitty crush on you-she was voguing up a storm for you.

Heh..I was very happy to get to see all of them. I very much enjoyed Farah, aka, the teddy bear, and her victory laps clearly indicating she was NOT to be ignored or forgotten :)

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