mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

while weeping at the cedars...

Yom Hashoah begins monday april 28th at sundown...

In israel the world stops and goes still save an air raid horn wailing in the silence . it's holocaust memorial day.

" Children, as a rule were not allowed to stay alive in German camps.. there was one notable exception [In the Clothing Works 'work' camp]... a little Jewish boy around 10, whom Wirth treated with solicitude, feeding him sweets and giving him every boy's dream, a pony. But Wirth's kindness was in service to his cruelty. One survivor recalls:

'i have personally seen that SS commander led a Jewish boy... to kill with a machine gun here and there 2 or 3 Jews at a time...The ss commander who rode a white horse and who had given a horse to the boy, joined the shooting.'

In keeping with the German attentiveness to symbolic expression when dealing with Jews, this boy was furnished with appropriate accouterments for his transformation into the slayer of his people. The Germans clothed him in a specially tailored ,miniature SS uniform, which he wore when spraying bullets from his lordly pearch on his pony. And if the disclosures of the Clothing Work's denizens is correct, it was not just faceless Jews he killed: he is said to have killed his own mother." - hitler's willing executioners. daniel jonah goldhagan

"Dolls and teddy bears became integral parts of the lives of the children they belonged to during the war. In many cases, they accompanied them throughout the war and were a primary source of comfort and companionship. For some children, the teddy bears and dolls were the most significant possessions left with them at the end of the war. Even today, as adults, their attachment is so great that they have difficulty separating from them -56 years after the war has ended."

" it can be argued that Auschwitz proves there is no God, neither for the Jews nor the Catholics nor the Jehovah's Witnesses, who all went equally helpless to their deaths....Since all efforts to prove or explain God's purposes demonstrate only the futile diligence of worker ants attempting to prove the existence of Mozart, Auschwitz can just as well prove a merciful God, an indifferent God or, perhaps best, an unknowable God. William Styron, in 'Sophie's Choice', suggested the answer as a riddle: 'At Auschwitz, tell me, where was God?' The answer is only another question: ' Where was man?'"

the end of the world- otto friedrich

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