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death watch
it is with great sadness i announce to all her friends and paramours that sylvia, daughter of persia mohammad persia, is dying.

i thought she was having some sort of problem with her teeth- common in elderly cats as she was cocking her head and chewing in a very odd manner. i made an appointment for her but in only one day she's taken a dramatic downturn. this is also common in cats. they tend to go and quickly. she could be as old as 20. ive made the call to the housecall vet to help sylvia on her way.

and so, again, i find myself spending the last hours of one of my dearest cats' lives waiting and praying for release.

she was deeply loved her entire life by her mother(may her name be praised), me, every cat that made its way through my house and by a host of other humans. she was the calm amid any storm. i am thankful for our time together. i hope for peace for one of the sweetest most peaceful souls i have ever encountered on earth.

and so now i wait. please go and kiss you cat, your dog , your pets. we owe them so much yet they ask for so little. please do what ever little thing you can for the homeless and abandoned pets-adopt one, contribute time or money.donate old towels and blankets, cleaning supplies. buy an extra bag of pet food and drop it off at a shelter. it really doesn't take very much to make a difference by the smallest acts of charity toward some of the most helpless of creatures-victims usually of irresponsible and sometimes cruel humans. make a small amount of time in your life to give and be granted an eternity of reward.

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Oh No!!! poor Sylvie...I hope she goes peacefully and she will be missed (she was always my favorite of your ladies!).

I will give extra love to Peets and several spanks in her honor.

' nothing but death for me..."

the poor thing-she's so confused. we're waiting for the vet but she can't get here until later.

i guess i don't believe this is happening again so soon but then again i knew it was bound to-sylvia is older then both brown and alice.

she's really such an angel. poor brown will be lost without her as theyve been clinging close to each other lately.

this has officially been The Year of the Dead Cat. maybe that's really my chinese sign instead of dragon....

That is the problem with getting them young and having them be close to each other in age...

I guess I was spared that by losing Cheddar so early...:( (he was only 2)

I am in the area, so if you need anything let me know!

do you believe im waiting on the stupid cable guy too? they came yesterday but by last night the cable was out. i practically wired it myself and then when he left i noticed he plugged it into the wrong connection on the tv. it worked then it didnt.

death and cable, death and cable...that's what life comes down to . im hoping to fucking god he doesn't come when the vets here...euthanasia and cable- don't do it!

fuckity fuck fuck.

me and my olde posse of pussy...


Hang in there. Which sounds really crappy to say.

I grabbed one of our cats down here and gave him a huge hug.

you know there's nothing to say-it's that people send their thoughts and prayers that counts.

now the vet and i go on a tear with euthanasia and drug jokes...and im seeing if poor sylvia will beat the cable guy here.which will come first -low slung pants and cable tv or death...

same difference, really id say...

Which he didn't really enjoy, and glared at me.

cats are such teases- all that lovely fur and they can get so darn uppity about sharing the love...

Give her one last spanking to see her off :(

can i spank the cable guy instead? fucker is late.

One of my cats died of old age in my arms. I understand your situation so well, and I send my deepest sympathies.


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