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Sing it back to me/ tell me why?

"There's a bullet in the heart tonight
In the heart of Texas
Shout it to the Dallasites
We are rolling home
They shot an angel in midflight
And now she won't protect us
Shout it to the Bedlamites
We are westward ho

Pray the holy war is ending [Ending]
Like in the films of Hollywood
And the angels are descending [Important, important]
Like Koreshan said
They would before too long
Sing a Lone Star Song

They had him nailed up to a T
With a T for Texas
His disciples with artillery
Held the fort inside
And by the time the story broke
Down at Deally Plaza
We already caught the smoke
Read the TV Guide

Pray the holy war is ending [Ending]
Like the films of Hollywood
The choppers are descending [Easy words/easy words]
Like MAA Reno said they would
Before too long
Sing a Lone Star Song

Lone Star Song of the south
Words that can't help
But escape my mouth
When they bring down the house
Day upon day
Day upon day
Day upon day

Pray the holy war is ending [Ending]
Like in the films of Hollywood
And the trumpets blast is blending [Important, important]
With the crack of burning wood
Before too long
Let us sing a Lone Star Song"

(Grant Lee Phillips/Storm Hymnal/Chrysalis/Mushroom Music.)

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