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since it's my birthday i am the selector and this is what we have to dance to and how we must danse.
( someone i know i have a feeling already posted this awhile ago... but things this good are worth savoring over and over.)

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Listen to the awesome synths...

it must be industrial..or ebm..or something...go on..request it at the "goth club"...:)

that opening fairly throbs-if only they'd play this i might dance more than once a night.

we can remix it and shout the names of the members of charlie manson's family over it with german accents- they'd play it then.oops better not give them any ideas but i suppose stolen ideas are better than no ideas whatsoever.

I saw that a few weeks ago and it was the best ever. Her face is priceless.

And Happy Birthday! I'd say enjoy your cake but I'm sure the bakery has beaten ever ounce of love for cake you ever had out of you.

if i see cake i'll scream and not in a good way-maybe i'll scream just like the girl in the video.

i have to at least get a cake at star market because brown likes to eat it.

i'm sorry to say they'll be no bagpipes on this auspicious day....

you need that outfit.....i can tell.

thank you.

Happy birthday! I think I was the one that posted that earlier, but it bears repeating for sure. GULLIMAR!

still in bollywood...


i know- i thought it was you..i just couldn't recall.somewhere in the comments someone says that 'gullimar' means "shoot her."


those synthy doodlings are smoking...i'm certain they created electroclash. yes i am positive.

Oh and this one is classic too in case you missed it:

" i love you my wang wang...."



or is it weng weng?

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