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"some velvet morning when i'm straight"

Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning

lee hazelwood who wrote this song as well as ' these boots are made for walking' died august 4 of renal cancer.

he was a great american songwriter and that more wasn't made of his death is a grotesque oversight. his songs were covered by everyone from lydia lunch , boyd rice, megadeath and einstürzende neubauten. in the earlier part of his career he produced the highly successful twangy guitar records of duane eddy.

his own recordings are very surreal and quirky- a cowboy( he's from texas) on acid.

he originally intended ' these boots' to be sung by a man. it was nancy's father that convinced him it would be sexist and brutal and that a woman should sing it.

i miss someone with the balls to play any of lee's songs out. fuck, a goth cover of 'some velvet' is still screaming to be done right.

preferable not in german and not by a man...

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Lee was brilliant. That's one of the coolest songs ever. I suppose it would be really neato to hear a woman cover it, but for her to sing both parts might be a bit odder than the actual song itself.

i cant see why the chorus can't be sung by a man or a woman-it's not of boy/girl call/ response song. the chorus seems to be sung by wood nymphs or fairies- who fucking knows with lee.. who the fuck is Phadrea? ok daughter of minos, sister of ariadne and married to theseus but what does that mean? i want whatever lee was smoking.

frankly i am still am sick of going out and hearing nothing but a stream of songs by male robots if there are even vocals besides chanting names of serial killers.

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