mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" this is a blank formatted diskette..."

( edit: jungle brothers removed from site-here's the original tune the bros rapped over-royal house ie todd terry " can you feel it?"))ok so they chopped that line from the end but this the genius that is todd terry- the jungle brothers-"i'll house you" -back when black people and white people and latino people weren't all scared to like the same music and dance in the same club. back when they'd play black music in club that catered to white industrial peeps because everyone knew that black americans created techno and it was at their feet that eurohonkies like depeche mode worshipped.

if you weren't there-you can't understand it- the crossing of color boundaries, the reverence toward the music of dance culture, the lack of egocentric self promotion that accompanies clubbing now was largely not present.there was the music. there were the people and you were there to dance. sometimes it was so good people broke down and cried. i used to dj at times through a veil of tears i'd be so moved by the sound and the energy. but i was not the point. the music purpose was to promote the music and it's revelatory power not to promote myself. my license plate never said "MITTNZ". i would hunt down a banging tune and spend all the money i had for food on it because mommy and daddy definitely weren't keeping me flush and comfy bougie bougie. i once broke into a car because there was a cup of change in it and i had no money for cat food that day. well, it was an abandoned car but still...

the past always seems so pure. distance grants a forgiving shroud of fairy dust-twinkling, golden and oh so special. but it was a fucking amazing time.

and you can't touch it.

so drop that ghetto blaster...

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