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New Frock and Panties!

Frumpy cassocks make Greek priests unlucky in love
Sun, 4 Oct 1998

" A Greek Orthodox priests' association has called for dress-code reform, the Greek press has reported, so that brethren can find themselves wives.

Father Evstatios Kollas, who heads the association, launched his campaign arguing that Greek men are avoiding the Orthodox priesthood for fear they cannot attract wives dressed in the frumpy and outdated cassocks.

Without arguing to do away entirely with the long black robes the priests wear, Father Kollas favors a more "simplified" frock.

He stressed that many candidates for the priesthood fear they will repel potential mates with such attire - not to mention the obligatory long whiskers and long hair attached in a bun.

Greek Orthodoxy, unlike Catholicism, permits priests to marry.

The ultra-conservative head of the Greek Orthodox church, Christodoulos, refused any form of apparel reform after his election in the spring, urging priests instead to be more watchful how they dress. "
abc , australia.

On the Catholic side of things- for all your liturgical needs-

highly recommended by the Reverend Mittens of the Church of Our Lady of the Catnip Mice- soon to be elected Pope Mittenius I.

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