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(no subject)


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I will have some black stylish though ironic wear at the ready :)

I want to see the Ms. Poof! :) (and the Tortie gals) and you too...but the cats come first as you well know :)

i expect you'l be reuntited homie style with the Peets soon-like now!- so it will be Pussipolooza. get the sticky tapes on a roller at the ready....

the torties are sooo jealous of prissy-nixe slept with me under the covers the first night. i was shocked because i woke up and thought she was alice. alice always slept under the covers under my arm at my side and there was nixe and the torties have never done such i thing.

just like love interests ,those cats- they only want you if they feel you've refocused your aattentions on someone else.

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