mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

presenting Priscilla: (formerly) Queen of Brockton now Cambridge

i will get better pictures later as i just released her from the adopted kitty cat ' take out ' box they send the poor things home in. that's her mug shot from the shelter. she's a seal point himalayan-which is really just a take on the persian cat-with a little of the 'meese thrown in.

with persia and now alice gone, i was missing having a more cuddly cat about. and also missing the demure splendor of a LADY cat. no one left is actually a lap cat, although the new cats are getting more friendly every day. and, frankly, the cats i have now , all of whom i love, are a tad butch.

ok. they're really butch and they desperately needed a bitchy femme to smack their grumpy asses into shape the way persia always used to. not only are they rather stompy and tortie surly, they're also rather gothy-all brooding and weird except sylvia who's laid back and zen like and although she's sweet , she's not a delirious cuddle bunny. more a formerly delirious spanky freak. ok ,i have butch kinky goth cats. there- i said it and goths can be an alienating and alienated crew of oddities however lovable.

so as they say at Landover Baptist Church-

"bringing a little republican charm to harlots( and satan worshipping torties) everywhere...", i bused in( thanks HAL) the pure bred fluffy pants WASPy uppity princess...and she's the one who is right this second stomping around the place showing everyone who the queen is.

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