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presenting Priscilla: (formerly) Queen of Brockton now Cambridge

i will get better pictures later as i just released her from the adopted kitty cat ' take out ' box they send the poor things home in. that's her mug shot from the shelter. she's a seal point himalayan-which is really just a take on the persian cat-with a little of the 'meese thrown in.

with persia and now alice gone, i was missing having a more cuddly cat about. and also missing the demure splendor of a LADY cat. no one left is actually a lap cat, although the new cats are getting more friendly every day. and, frankly, the cats i have now , all of whom i love, are a tad butch.

ok. they're really butch and they desperately needed a bitchy femme to smack their grumpy asses into shape the way persia always used to. not only are they rather stompy and tortie surly, they're also rather gothy-all brooding and weird except sylvia who's laid back and zen like and although she's sweet , she's not a delirious cuddle bunny. more a formerly delirious spanky freak. ok ,i have butch kinky goth cats. there- i said it and goths can be an alienating and alienated crew of oddities however lovable.

so as they say at Landover Baptist Church-

"bringing a little republican charm to harlots( and satan worshipping torties) everywhere...", i bused in( thanks HAL) the pure bred fluffy pants WASPy uppity princess...and she's the one who is right this second stomping around the place showing everyone who the queen is.

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She is beautiful!!! -- and so very regal looking :)

and of course she damn well knows it.

the torties are slightly horrified and jealous.(sylvia and brown are :"like, eh, another day, another persian ,woop- de- do, can we have a treat?" ) isnt that they way it always is? you slather love and attention on some aloof stuck up 'companion animals' and they want nothing to do with you but then you bring in the new friendly, PETTABLE pussy and their black noses are out of joint.they kept looking up at me as if screaming "why??? why, the fluffy cometh???!!!!" as she found every one of their special safe places within the first 10 minutes of being in the house and plopped her furry ass down and assumed the Queen of Everything pose.

10 years old and her human was put in a nursing home so they dumped poor prissy off at the shelter- no place for such a regal lady...i couldnt resist her.

and she seems traumatized by the fact.brockton couldn't deal with a LADYCAT of her magnitude.

it couldn't have helped matters that my ' adoption councellor' was a testy queen who was in a bitch contest with the cat. he acted offended that Prissy thought SHE was the only princess sashaying about the cat room...

it was pretty sad- i was about the only person adopting a pet amid a stream of drop offs. they couldn't get ahold of my landlord but gave her to me that day anyway. too many pets, not enough homes. she's 10 years old and had been there a month- she may not have had much time left so he processed me and got me out of there with her asap.

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