mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the 19th of this month was the 38th anniversary of the "murder" of mary jo kopeckne by the esteemed bloated sociopath senior senator from massachusetts.

his license to operate in the state had expired. he had a history of traffic violations. all evidence from those who were with the senator previous to the " accident' indicate he had been drinking.

she lived up to 2 hours after the car plunged into the drink. she probably died from suffocation as there was hardly any water in her lungs as is usual if someone had actually drowned. no autopsy was preformed because the powers that be wisked her body away before one could be done.

the most ethical congress and senate ever.

i really have to leave this state. the thought of being around people so ignorant that they warehouse this sack in the senate in perpetuity is bewildering. he certainly is the lesser of kennedy boys. i'm not entirely sure he wasn't the one who had the forced lobotomy not his sister. i simply can't stand it anymore and before anymore of my money or individual rights are wisked away( a government that demands you have to buy commercial health insurance? do i have to buy organic lettuce too and only from approved stores? an outrageous violation of personal liberty. will they manage health care the way they managed the big dig? there aren't enough hospitals in the ironically named commomwealth to handle the casulties from insurance company not doctor managed and mandated care.) i am out of here .
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