mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

thank you falettinme be mice elf agin

it may not be apparent nor understandable to many that with the passing of persia mohammad and now the death of alice , i am without a familiar.

it took a little time for me to understand that the mantle had been passed to alice. this was mostly due to her reserved, loner character. unfortunately, i became aware, as i am sure she was before me, that her time here was not for much longer. it's one of the reasons, in part, in the beginning unconciously i was spending as much time at home as possible. it was far more important to sit with old cats then go out and hear really boring music and see the painful effects of devolution on anything remaining of goth and industrial nightlife. i miss dancing , for certain, but standing around lapsing into a waking coma waiting for something of interest to be played in a tinderbox is not a judicious use of anyone's time.

people who find techno of interest STILL are like the people who went to woodstock to specifically hear sha na na, although they're undoubtably the first ones complaining about goths as bitter old has beens floating around on the remnants of long dead music scene. take a look in the mirror and smell the decaying carcass of 1988 drapped on your own shoulders. the last refuge of the dance music playing scoundral has always been techno- like free form jazz and annoying snotty white guys of a certain age.

with all this loss in mind-another precious cat gone, being unfamiliar with a new familiar, and no where left to get the freak on, my thoughts turn, as they should to betty davis because the last refuge of the really progressive, musically sexy goths is kinky ass funk by a hot black woman with a whip.

betty davis-' he was a big freak '1974


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