mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

invocation for my sugarspun sister so she can get some

"you know i was thinking on the subject of the lesbulldaggas and uh let me tell you something
it's not easy to know the truth when you be following one of those bulldaggas around.

you have to look real careful for certain clues
like a bulldagga don't ever wear no lipstick,see?
a bulldagga hair is usually cut short and she don't wear too much makesup on her face
she wears sandals but not in a feminine way
(that's how them bulldaggas know each other on the street, girl.)

that's how they do
they go around on they motorcycles and they be swarming around my house, girl.
them bulldaggas they just holla loud
they loves to play pool and beat each other up side the head...

they likes their beer
they drinks a lot
them bulldaggas can put it away, honey
they quite a lot of fights and
fools and lushy too

girl them bulldaggas, stay away from them- theys bad for you
they don't know when to quit!
they keep bothering me
they want me to play pool
orgo out on a hunting trip or climb on rocks.

now that's ignunt!
ive heard of athletics but why would i want to do that?
that's ignunt!
i know im telling the truth girl about them
old big tall muscular fools
called the bulldaggas

i'm not sure really if they
wimmins or if they are mens
they just bulldaggas!
i dont say i dont like them
you better be wit one if your car break down.
they can change a tire with one hand tied behind their back
them bulldaggas all know how to do them mechanical things
'cause they all drive trucks!"

please please come and fix jenn's ford cliTaurus and swarm around her house on you motorcycle.

your pen pal, akmed.

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