mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

good news about my pussy...

so i went to see alice today and they let me take her into an exam room- all by ourselves-which was great. it was way too freaky going to see persia at angell surrounded by whimpering animals and, well, dogs, as she cowered in a cage. the ER at woburn( mass. vet. referal hospital) is definitely more spacious, cleaner and less hysterical and crowded than angell, whom i dislike for many's worth the drive if you need their services and it's not an immediately life threatening situation.the care is more personalized and you do not pay any more for it.

al seemed more ' there' and was quite squirmey and less out of it.she had eaten on her own, a good sign, and the doctor just called with her test results which show a 15% decrease in her bad kidney levels. so this means she's doing pretty good for her first day of treatment.i just want her stable and home! those torties are getting way uppity with out alice tabby around to show them their place. they were all out lounging around the bed this morning-as if one of them could be the new pillow princess. sorry, butterballs, that's al's job.

yes, the torties are getting chubby. let's just say there's junk in those calico colored trunks....they look like plump black speckled pears.

time for inventory...hissss.

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