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" speak softly, mother is dying"
alice has chronic kidney failure and an underlying infection.

the prognosis is not good.

i'm driving her up to the emergency in woburn. then im going to work.

then i just don't know what i'll do.

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Hang in there. The same happened to our cat, Sophie several years ago.

We all get old and bits of us wear out. The best thing is that we were able to surround ourselves with people that love us and for us to have been loved.

and unfortunately all my older cats are around the same age-so those bits seem to be wearing out one after the other.

this year has been a bumpy ride around senior cat land.

the doctor at the emergency hospital had better hopes for a good prognosis because the cat is so healthy otherwise . she thinks that the original kidney problems are probably age related and the infection inflated them.

sorry to hear about this. i hope everything works out ok :)

thank you. this doctor seems to think we have a chance at stabilizing her and it is a common cat problem due to the specific functioning of the feline renal system- which is very different from us or from dogs. so they have success with these things and see it often enough.

I am so sorry! Poor Alice.

Definitely hang in there and if you need anything let me know !

i should get an update tonight and in the morning. the doctor seemed positive.i'll probably go see her too before work- she does have to stay there a few days.

at least now i've run through all my older cats with the senior old biddie problems... e gads...i'm running a old cat's home!

it was sweet because the darker tortie was watching alice like a hawk-keeping her distance but keeping an eye on her instead of avoiding the sick cat the way they usually do.totally non aggressive-like theyre worried and looking to me seeing what i'd do.

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