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(no subject)
a standard poodle touched me where the bathing suit covers saturday.

and now the city of cambridge is applying a jack hammer to the side walk directly under my front window, sending the torties into a complete freak out.

i feel dirty.

here's farah with HAL in the background:

here's nixe looking bitchy:

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At least it wasn't a toy poodle.

Heh..I love their patterns..almost head to toe brindle :)

Ms. Peets broke into her vacation home's stash of catnip a couple of days ago. She led the other two youngins into some drug induced debauchery.

all the young cats love sylvie...

you know, it's really hard to photograph these 2 torties because of their brindle-iness. they never really look the colors they actually are and the flash makes it worse. theyre such a mish mash of splotchy. i have to get a shot of nixe's belly-it's particularly odd.

farah is colored a lot like brown. she has the major crush on sylvia-she's always rubbing against her.

they let me play with their toes now-we're working our way up to petting.

god knows what peets was actually doing in that window when she was ' found out'....but i bet it also involved drug use , the underaged and a sling...

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