mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Unrecalled pet foods positive for poisons

because the media in all forms have dropped the story:

poison is still being found in UNRECALLED cat and dog foods that the FDA and the pet food companies have so far not taken action on. they are finding, through independant lab testing by concerned pet pwners with sick pets, sometimes melamine and sometimes acteminophen( that's tylonol to you-it's deadly poisonous to cats in particular) and cyrauic acid( a pesticide also deadly in large doses to cats and dogs).

you should go through this list and pick something NOT MADE AT MENU FOODS in particular. you'd be suprised what they make including Newman's Own and Wellness canned foods. i would highly suggest if you have a cat to avoid foods with GRAINS in them. cats are carnivors anyway and these three poisons seem to be associated with grain products and the thickenings in gravy style foods. also do not trust the prescription foods you get at the vet- many of them are associated with the recall or are made by companies like Hill's who have had many products recalled.

this list is updated often. i print it out and take it to skipton discount pet foods who have many of the unrecalled independant brands. most you can order on line at various places. you won't find them at any of the big chain pet stores.

i am still weening the girls off friskies- even though it has not been recalled. they've been getting EVO dry which they seem to like-it has no grains. i have finally got them off the kitten chow addiction they were all on. none of the cat chows were recalled but i do not trust any of the larger pet food companies or the FDA to ensure a food is safe.

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