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HAL-Serial killer or fuel efficient, economy eurotrash car?
so poor HAL has taken a beating the last few weeks. first some witch searching for gum in her purse smacked its ass on 93 during parking lot style rush hour traffic. i'm surprised i didn't flat out smack the dolt across the puss as it was the day i had to pick up sylvia from the vet after her gaping wound incident- i was in a prime mood for a throw down. then i was driving quasi-indigenous and aryan whores home from allegedly 'arabian nights'( fucking dead can dance does not goddamn count as ' arabian' nor do fucking songs with the words arab or arabian in them.heathen honkies) when thanks to the lazy ball sniffers of the somerville highway department, i smacked an unmarked raised manhole cover and flattened a tire. would it be to troublesome to crack open a can of orange paint, fuck faces? i have to get the one tire repaired and stow away the jack again so i was forced to clean out the back.


here is what i found- and don't tell me this doesn't sound like a serial killer's death kit:

a large dirt shovel.
3 pairs of heavy duty work gloves.
2 rolls of duct tape and 2 roles of carton tape.
trash bags. a lot of trash bags.
3 different varieties of rope including poly blend and sisel.
a startling array of household and car cleansers and several varities of laundry detergent and bleach.
2 tire irons.
several knives.
3 large screw drivers.
a portable vacuum.
a studded belt.

poor HAL has been driven to the brink of the unthinkable. but she's a good car. i know she's a good car....

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Allston owes me two tires and Cambridge owes me 1 tire and a 2 struts assemblies for the very same thing.

HAL will pull through...if my Ew Mobile did, so can HAL.

HEH...I am loving the serial killer kit. I once went to a store and bought the following items: 1. Santoku Knife 2. Black gloves (it was winter) 3. Copy of American Psycho.

I was amused by the little white girl who really should not have asked me my opinion unless she wanted to hear it :)

American Economy Car Psycho

it was a freakin obstacle course and at night and i only saw one exposed lid or pipe that had a tiny dot of neon paint spray on it. i should be grateful it was only the tire-had to be replaced. it ripped right through the side wall. these low profile tires are sort of a bitch in the city-the streets are constantly in disrepair . it's the only time i miss the bronco which would have ate the manhole cover and spit it out her muffler.

HAL didn't even go out of alignment what with the ass wack( from an SUV-why is it no one in an SUV can drive?) and pot hole tag so i am hoping a HALian rampage against college co eds or street walkers will be averted...maybe i could redirect her stress valves to be blown by bloody boston f'ing dj's...time to thin the herd and HAL is just the sociopath to do it.

I've been needing a list of things to put in a trunk. Thank you very much.

it's so nice detroit makes an economy car that doesn't scrimp on space for bodies....

it was good to see you re- emerge. very good. i was starting to worry.

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