mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

so after a traumatic ride home with a slightly still out of it sylvia which involved her peeing in the carrier, me getting her poor humiliated self out of the carrier in mass ave traffic with one hand then her ranging around the dashboard wailing while thumping and shaking her bandaged foot like a rabid bunny, all i have to say is- this hasn't been the best year.

she's fine-and getting the antibiotics in her is hell-acious. however the dr got her T4 back today and she is also slightly hyperthyroid.i think it's very off that persia,harriot, and now sylvia are all hyperthyroid. i know it's common but- nearly all my cats? i'm having alice tested when brown gets her T4 med level check. they claim not to know what causes the condition but chances are all my cats are turning up so for a common reason.

then someone gave me a slight rear end love tap in traffic on the way to work today. poor hal. only bumper chipped paint because someone was " looking in [their]purse for gum.....".


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