mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You

this guy was so fucking goth, he IS black. He used to come on stage in a coffin and always had henry, the skull on a stick, with him . he wrote this song in 1956 and a million people have covered it. nina simone's version is one of my favorites.

i always thought, in many ways, the 50's were a darker, weirder place than we born much later and pelted with Happy Days suburban fluff could ever imagine.

never mind your damn eyebrow-less head and pierced body parts, he's got a frigging bone in his nose in 1956 and is mocking the shit out of whitey perceptions of blacks as animalistic voodoo savages. of course ,now popular black preformers prefer to mock themselves- like pathetic modern day ministrals-as animalistic hateful gang savages. the difference is screaming jay was a talented preformer and song writer and modern savages actually are hateful nasty thugs.

his creeped-out, over the top presentation of the song belies it's heartrending emotions.a truly great song by an complete original. screaming jay died in 2000 and there's a web page devoted to finding exactly how many children he fathered. are you one of screaming jay's kids? the site devoted to this daddy finding pursuit seems to be down but technically if you're a goth he's your papa too.

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