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kinky paws
the latest fashion for your pussy- from paris france, apparently, according to one harriot brown.

actually both her front fore paws were shaved to put her drips in when she was hospitalized. it looks like a half done poodle do. she's doing fine, taking her medicine every day and glaring at the new cats who she thinks are mental.

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I guess we can see you the beautiful "plus size" model is in the pictures above :) What a surly, large and in charge face...love it! :)

funny-it's her head- it's square and frigging huge! she also has really big back feet(mmmm....)although the rest of her body is relatively sleek but muscle-y.she is much larger than her sister but the nixie is the brains of the duo. she scopes everything out then sends farah in for physical surveilence. every time big head doesn't know what to do she chirps for her sister-this little tiny voice. nixie is a little more daring but she seems to use her sister's size to make in- roads into the rest of the cat hive. they're very respectful of the other cats and nixie seems to be in love with sylvia. well, isn't everyone!

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