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Get The Latest Pet Food Recall Info


menu foods makes many brands of natural and 'organic' wet foods for several independant pet food companies-like 'wellness', 'old mother hubbard' and 'newman's own'. check the pet food list to see who actually makes your food brand here:http://www.thepetfoodlist.com/

please write your senator and congress people and demand passage and immediate implimentation of sen. durbin's bill to tighten pet food manufacturing guide lines.

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yes but old mother hubbard and wellness( same company) both use Menu foods to process their wet foods...and menu foods was just raided by the fda...

i was shocked at how many of the higher priced organic glam foods use Menu foods who turned around and sold their recalled food to human meat processors so melamine is turning up in pork and chicken. several companies of the holistic sort have alleged that menu has altered their recipes and added ingredients( like rice protein concentrate)they did not approve nor put on their labels. i wouldn't trust menu foods personally- and we seem to be getting only 1/2 the picture of what really went/is going on- the fda is very cagey about it.

many people at the itchmo site immediately changed their pet foods from say purina to natural balance thinking they were safe and now the melamine is showing up in rice and corn glutens and over a month into the recall they've started pulling many of their ' natural' foods. some people are cooking for their pets theyre so freaked out- and rightly so. major media is ignoring what appears to be a massive contamination of the human/ animal food chain that has been going on for years. it's so massive and so ignored . no one learned anything from mad cow and the chinese can't be trusted. completely maddening.

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