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'buzz buzz go the brass electrodes as the flesh begins to peel'

maybe the greatest group of the late 70s early 80s and no one knows them- the monochrome set. pretty much one of my favorite bands of all times. organs, homos, and other organs- what is not to love unreservedly? there are a million compilations and repackagings of their ' greatest hits' out there , 'volume contrast and brilliance' being the best. 'the strange boutique',' eligible bachelors' and ' love zombies' are all superior albums. fun for all the family.

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Thanks for posting this! I had heard their name mentioned before but hadn't heard them. I'll have to check out some more of their stuff! It kind of reminds me of a darker Lyres.

i listened to ' vol. contrast brillance' endlessly while i was in high school-it was pretty much my favorite album for most of those years as opposed to my classmates who were smitten with ' blizzard of oz' or' bark at the moon' when they weren't enjoying reo speedwagon. what a fucking wasteland and there was the monochrome set in the midst of it...they used to perform in front of a movie screen and just launch into their songs without pauses in the middle- things like that. i still can't believe they weren't popular-they were new wave with depth and substance, a surf band without surfboards and airheaded californians. a continental effete with a touch of s/m garage band. their guitar player was quite good. the greatest of the 80s bands that no one knew.

their later stuff is iffy after people started dropping in and out of the band but those first 3 albums are classics. the guitar and the bass player( lester square and andy warren) were the original ants to adam( the rest of the later day ants also split off and became bow wow wow and have the same tribal like drumming as the ants and the monochrome set.)

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