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the mr. mittens ER unit for wayward calicos
harriot brown's in the hospital- again. after a rocky monday wherein all of a sudden she became wobbly and refused to eat after being fine all weekend long, the vet had me drag the poor thing into emergency again. it seems one of her medications stripped too much potassium from her system and she was severely dehydrated.so she's on a drip now and if that's really what's wrong with her, i can take her home tomorrow morning.

i could pretty much get my name on a new wing of a vet hospital now. between the continuing pet recall and my constant trips to the ER- the constant looking for signs that something is wrong...this is so fucking expensive and depressing.emotionally i am so fucking dead. every week i have to put off going to the eye doctor and the dentist both of which i desperately need to do because of these outlandish vet bills. i wouldn't deny them and i consider myself lucky i can pay but it just drives home how devestating this whole poisoned pet food thing is. true ,my cats have other issues but how many families can afford the treatments that could save their cat or dogs life?most middle and working class people with kids and a mortgage would have to have their pets euthanized. if i wasn't so barren inside i'd be raging fucking insane mad.

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Hang in there. Screw these other idiots and their convenient euthanasia. If you love someone, you do what you can, no matter what - which is what you're doing.

but you see most of the intensive care vet hospitals do not have payment plans- you have to pay in full . this can be the difference between paying the rent that month for some people and being out on the street. i am not blaming them-they might not have a choice. it's a miserable heart breaking choice.

human hospitals have to treat you whether you can pay or not in an emergency. vets do not. i understand everyone needs to get paid. but my vet bills are downright scarey. in our pathetic corrupt society wherein the middle class is nearly being eradicated people, can't even afford minimal human health care. prisoners get better health care than the working classes. these things are not right.

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