mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

blame canada

ok, first off menu foods is a canadian owned company and now after my whinge about the immortal joni mitchell and no one being able to cover her songs this suspicious piece of wreckage came floating my way

it has sarah fucking lezziefaire mclachlan doing ' blue'.

let's bomb these motherfuckers....clearly this is an act of audio terrorism on their part.

and elvis costello, whom i used to love, is doing ' edith and the kingpin'. he's put out nothing but pretentious crap for the last 20 years and even i ,who saw him over 10 times in the 80s, am the first to admit his voice sort of sucks. the angry young man has become a cranky old stuck up fart who'll be writing symphonies next because he musically can't grow up and he's bound to blame us, the fans ,who still stupidly, almost viciously hope there are more ' taking liberty' era cut outs for us to enjoy. i know he's not canadian but they are, after all, part of england.

and Bjuck...fuck those icelandic bastards. i never did like the sugar cubes,.seal fuckers and i don't want any of your free fish oil either. bjuck shouldn't be let in a room with a copy of ' for the roses' let alone attempt to even hum ' the boho dance' ,or anything from 'the hissing of summer lawns', alonein the hot springs while she's clubbing penguins or whatever those freaks do for fun other than drink.

i won't even mention kd lang... i... just .. .can't.. breath...
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