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poison from pet food recall has made it into human food chain
now will this fucking stop? the pigs were sick. some were slaughtered for human food. let's see when the first kid of some rich anglo saxon flaxen haired ho who is politically connected ends up on the slab.


we live in a country now were no one loses their job for basically murdering other people's family pets but some old fucked up crabby honkie is treated like he lynched an entire basketball team because he called them, not niggers, but whores, because he is a stupid old gizzbag not because he advocated violence against any of them but because smug self righteous tools like osama hussein obama and guilty white enablers think the words ' nappy headed hos' is akin to gunning down an 31 people on a college campus. well it's not you stupidly coiffed fuck sticks.

funny how if youre black you get away with calling jews names all the time and you get away with it. you can call women bitches whores and rap about them in the most violent graphic and degrading way and imus is sexist and violent toward women but you are not because of the color of your skin. and actually instigating a murder of some old kike because of YOUR violent rhetoric- well that happened with old sharpy sharpy shaprton with middle ages talk of jews ritually killing christian babies.( could i make that up?)- but calling on blacks to physically stop jews from' murdering babies' isn't hate speech but the word ' nappy' is akin to actual slavery. he never did apologize for tawana either lying about innocent men and nearly sending them to jail- oh that wouldn't scar anyone for life, would it? but grown women can't deal with being called whores unless snoop dog does it?

most blacks are killed by other blacks but the biggest threat to blacks today is some old thick goddamn mick who seems to hate and revile everyone?

race 'hos, every one.

i want safe cat food and i want it NOW. i want people to wake the fuck up because your right to freedom of expression is being raped away from you by not the ' right' but the left wing of racial lunacy that thinks liking other people can be legislated except if you don't agree with their politics than you can roast them at the stake if theyre white and religious or .. gasp...republicans or do not agree with george sorros.

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Re: A couple things

well when i first heard of the shootings i did go check to make sure the torties of terror were still locked in the bedroom....especially the little black velveteen furred one...

Re: A couple things

Are the ferals from S. Korea?

Re: A couple things


well one of them anyway.. and she has the triangle ching chong siamese ho shaped head...

Re: A couple things

Haha, ching chong ho.

Sometimes you just gotta get your funion on.

Re: A couple things

well the girls are allergic to onions but they do seem to like their cheesy poofs and tortilla chips.

it's a waste of time just hating whitie when you could be hating every fucking one...

Not all flaxen haired people are evil, and here is some safe pet food.


well i am flaxen haired and i am evil .and i do not like anyone especially race hos.

no pet food of any sort that could potential kill a pet should be on the shelf at all still- and it is- and if the fda won't tell which ones got contaminated rice protein -which they won't-then we need to do something about it yesterday- like fucking kill them.

ps- pet promise is made by Purina, a large company who has had products recalled.

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