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we have.....CONTACT
i want to believe.

i want to believe these two torties will not remain semi-feral.

yesterday farah let me pet her.

soft. minky soft.


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Oh awesome!!!:)

Poor peanut still has scrawny kitten fur...but she is very softy. Peets is silky and Dusty is the velveteen kitty (very very much like Sylvie's fur)

softy=soft...too many of the words in this comment end in Y

they're so torn between wanting to be near me( farah rubs against objects in the room while staring at me) and knowing humans generally suck and you can't trust them. i hear you, sisters!

nixe escaped from the room yesterday unnoticed and i heard farah making the most desperate noise, trilling for her lost sister. i had to go poke her out from under the futon in the living rooom where alice had her cornered and shoo her back to her sister- who is very very timid around me when her sister is not near her.

yeah old sylvie is still the velveteen meeze and these two seem to have the same type of coats. i noticed nixe has the wedge shaped face with the bigger ears of a siamese unlike her square heeaded sister.

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