mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

calico furred hos

so to get brown's blood work done to check on her meds i decided to have the house call vet come out. because of her torbiship's command performance on the last trip to get her shots ,when i thought she was going to hurt herself or have a heart attack, i decided that it was worth it to pay a little extra and not have the poor thing's heart burst in HAL on mass ave. because hyperthyroid effects the heart there is every reason to believe that it could happen. last time it probably sent her to the ER.

well, the house call vet rocks. she is awesome. she actually mentioned bauhaus- the art movement not the group-( i just inspire that kind of talk in people or it could be alice's homage/altar to walter gropius that she keeps in the litter box.) and how americans like the crappiest tasting coffee and that starbucks is loathsome. she spent a long time talking to me and was very careful with brown. it was a much more detailed, personalized service than you would ever get in a busy office surrounded by smells and other animals cats hate and fear.

if you should ever need her services ,and they are reasonable, here's her website-ahousecallvetdotcom. she does all the usual tests, shots, acupuncture and will also do surgery at a local hospital.

she does do in home euthanasia and her bearing is such that she would certainly be very thoughtful and caring about it. i've had quite a lot of kitty death the past 2 years and i am glad they were at home where they were loved and protected, although i know some people do not have the nerve for it. something to bear in mind-it isn't easy to make such decisions at the moment. knowing you do have options is important .

don't feed your cat dry food composed mostly of fact, do not feed them dry food at all, according to this vet. they are carnivores-dry food is a cheap pet food industry ploy that does not help their teeth( huge lie. they should be fined for stating it does) and is linked to many,many diseases. they are meant to eat meat.meat and then some more meat. the doctor opined that my cats were all so long lived in part because i have always fed them primarily wet food. in the deserts of africa ,where they come from, they weren't eating no fucking bowl of wheaties and brown rice was, uh, unavailable. most of their water would come from the prey that they ate of necessity which is why it is sometimes difficult to get cats to drink water of their own accord. and if you're one of the people who feel superior because you've forced your poor cat to eat vegetarian- you are both sick and abusive. get help.

so the girls are destined to be weaned off the small amount of dry food i do leave out for them-really just left out because of my odd unpredictable work hours .

keep looking at this web site if you have pets- they are still recalling food containing more poisonous shit from the ever vile chinese industrial complex(who indeed have a long long history of adulterated deadly human food products in their own fucked up, could care less about life and human dignity country.)- because it's been swept off the front pages due to imus and the virginia mass murder. the pet food industry needs its nuts stuffed in the fire. we need to tell china to go fuck itself and never buy another iota of agricultural products from them and maybe wake up to what a serious threat they are in every way. keep at the pet food mills. they're murderers too in my book. they lie to you and kill your pets with impunity while the FDA twiddles it's thumbs and tries not to offend big corporations .ask yourself- do you trust that human food is safe considering they still do not know exactly what is killing animals ,bad food is still sitting on shelves, and these companies are still churning out food unhindered even though everyday the recall expands?

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