mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"It took me three years to recover from the horror of going out with an actress"

this comes courtesy of the fine peeps at the typical girls mailing list- devoted to women musicians of the 80s. when the slits played in allston they posted it first and also when wreckless eric played in someone's apartment in somerville.

i recall posting this clip a few months ago, being one of my favorite lost classics no one ever knew-surely just a 'blip' compared to all the music 10 years later that mimiced it. ' electro' is the future after all just like ' 'techno'...i am so living in the irrelevent past.

ok, catherine deneuve tried to pick her up in the 80's and she dated the lead actress in 'liquid sky 'and she was the singer in one of the prototypes of industrial dance music. fucking the hotness. this article is fascinating and although i tend to find socialists annoying, the film she did in burma needs to be seen in the west.

and she makes a point of mentioning hanging out with siouxsie- not that that would mean siouxsie was a big old dyke or anything like that....would it?( shock and horror!)

i should point out that lesbians in america never seemed interested in malaria!- lord knows, i tried playing them to the alterna-girls and they seemed perplexed by they've discovered that they too were gay and are interesting talented individuals. sigh. it was more than apparent they were such at the time. retroactively ,how we all suddenly become cool.

and she hates the chicks on speed take on her old band.

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