mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Jumpin Jive - Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers

the 2 greatest dancers- ever. i know i posted about the nicholas brothers, harold and fayard both now deceased, but that was before youtube. i suggested everyone watch 'stormy weather' just to see them dance but now i can try to force you to watch it. i'm suprised i didn't think of it sooner.

these guys are just beautiful- so graceful, so fluid ,so classy yet clearly full of joy and the youthful, overwhelming energy of smashed atoms. their waists seem almost frozen while their legs explode off into every direction. it's nearly mystical and, perhaps, if some wonder at the venom the likes of mr. mittens sometimes sprays forth at the deplorable state of dance clubs and at rancid djs it's because to some of us dancing is sacred- an ecstatic pleasure of a particular moment. a moment that when you hit it just right, you know it . movement becomes deceptively effortless. look at these guys- i know that one of them had to basically have his knee replaced. just look at the way they hit those stairs at the end and shoot back up-no cartilage left after years of that. they seem transported, beyond pain, beyond good , beyond evil- nothing else exists just the music and a moving human body.

i'm no harold. i am no fayard but i still want to be compelled to dance on the fucking piano and break things if necessary- not wait around for you to cue up (after a huge yawning gap because you don't have to mix to be a dj. in fact, if you can mix it's proof you are not a dj) the next cd of regurgitated, retarded 80s replicant drones you like to call ' the future'. strangely, it's called a dance club because people are suppose to dance- not stand around their handbags in the middle of the floor as if stunned by the dj's amazingly refined tastes. but fuck that. fuck boston. enjoy the sublime and gorgeous nicholas brothers. they're just lucky they could rely on cab calloway and real musicians with ability and talent to provide the inspiration.

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