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" maybe partying will help"
do you think a huge baggy of blow will help clear out my vicious allergy/sinitis attack?snorting brown's special k stash? how about a transorbital lobotomy? they say this is going to be a nasty year for the pollenz...ugh uh oh.if i take any more pills i will puke.

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I was prescribed Claritin and had an allergic reaction to it that left me with tiny patches of rashes everywhere. So I tried this nose spray and dumb assed dr didn't even bother to tell me to spray away from the septum so I had nose bleeds as well.

I think blow would help you get more done.


the spray works for me mostly but if i don't get pills into myself when my eyes start itching i get a huge headache. i was stuck in the car on the way to work and forgot to bring my pills....ugh. maybe one of the new cats can pretend i'm a seal and club me so i can sleep- lord knows one has thumbs.

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