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MARIA CALLAS - TOSCA - Torture scene - Act 2 (1958)


look at her face when she first hits a low register- she bores through him with that look...
i was hoping for ' j'ai perdu mon euridice' from 'Orphée et Euridice' but here you get to see her in action.

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If looks could kill. Oh my that was intense, to say the very least!

the passion and power of her preformance overcomes any( and there is some for sure) squibbling over the alleged ' problems' with her voice.she is considered to be the ultimate in this role by many.i'm astounded every time i listen to something she sings and i discover special bits of magic.
talented people. we used to require talent in an artist, musician....
i always thought- 'oh opera that's kind of gay , who cares' ...then i heard callas...

(Deleted comment)
we'll, she's no vnv nation...

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