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Delia Derbyshire

she created the dr. who theme, uncredited. this is at the bbc radiophonic workshop. but ,of course ,the past is ' old' and tired. modern music has no past, only ' those who are creating history now'. hang the bloody fucking dj. i am sick to fuck of the men and women who created and nurtured electronic music being marginailized by arrogant ignorant self- absorbed tots. so this is the price of growing old- listening to snotty youth blow it's own tin eared sampled , stolen horn?
i'll take delia and her tape machines over some ass with FinalScratch and Acid- she just shows so many people up for the pompous pricks they are.there's no future without a past and the past simply blows most people away.

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I couldn't agree with you more. That woman was amazing. Naturally she was uncredited, as most truly talented people are.

As for the DJ and the gun, I'd be sadistic enough to record that for a sound sample for some tired little piss ant to remix.

thank god for acid loops or some of us would be going to art school for 8 years or working slinging coffee instead of torturing the populace with thier ' innovation' and ' taste'.

and some fuck stick is trying to access my elgay-may delia derbyshire stuff a moog up their blow hole and loop it....

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