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demonology: their names, their particular brand of evil
Nixe and Farah (not Farrah, you dolt ,like the charlie's angel as in 'fair-rah' but' Fuh-rah' as in persian/farsi and say the e on the end of Nixe).

farah likes to play and is HUGE for a kitten. this bruiser should be on some russian weight lifting team and nixe wants to bite my ass. i was lying on the futon on my stomach playing with her more congenial, rather butch sister when i felt eyes burning kitten sized holes in the back of my person. i turned my head to see nixe, satan's tortie, staring at my ass with a look of sheer dementia in her wee eyes. she has also consumed all her feathered cat toys. looks like brown's got some competition in the psycho kitty sweepstakes.

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Are they down from their perches and out from under the bed??:) Heh...yeah right...you know you are going to come home to farah with some feathered fur....


Farah will play with me for hours now and spends less time up in the stratosphere. she will also sit on the floor near me in that relaxed blinky kitty form which shows she somewhat trusts me. they will also eat in front of me-a big advancement. satan's bunny i mean nixe she of the big paws small frame will come to the door when i open it and will march around me in a wide circle but is still a little skitterish.she stays down now but under the bed. we're almost up to sniffing my fingers...i'll probably leave the room door open now when i am at home.

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