mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

demonology: their names, their particular brand of evil

Nixe and Farah (not Farrah, you dolt ,like the charlie's angel as in 'fair-rah' but' Fuh-rah' as in persian/farsi and say the e on the end of Nixe).

farah likes to play and is HUGE for a kitten. this bruiser should be on some russian weight lifting team and nixe wants to bite my ass. i was lying on the futon on my stomach playing with her more congenial, rather butch sister when i felt eyes burning kitten sized holes in the back of my person. i turned my head to see nixe, satan's tortie, staring at my ass with a look of sheer dementia in her wee eyes. she has also consumed all her feathered cat toys. looks like brown's got some competition in the psycho kitty sweepstakes.
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