mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

nut notes

seeing how getting brown into a pet carrier is akin to an unsuccessful military operation involving very sharp knives and sociopaths, the very idea of getting pills into her twice a day was beyond overwhelming. i reasoned that letting her fade away due to hyperthyroid complications might be emotionally easier on us both. it just seemed less cruel. she weighs less than persia and involving her in a flying tackle ambush twice a day while she was asleep was bound to launch her into respiratory distress and subsequent heart failure anyway.

first, i tried just ramming them in her mouth. i found the pills 12 hours later, after i thought she took them, spit out on one of my sweaters( sarcastic bitch). this sufficiently pissed me off so i pounded the next batch with a hammer, shot a blob of petromalt on it and rolled it all up on a q-tip and stuffed that in her maw.this seemed to work better as she really likes the fur ball vaseline anyway. still, it involved catching the slippery claw bearing eel-not the way i like to wake up and certainly not my idea of pre-bedtime relaxation. i ordered a vet pill shooter.

what i find particularly annoying is that neither angell memorial nor the vet center acknowledged what everyone fucking knows- cats are not stupid, drooling dogs who have to be dragged away from a pile of poo so they won't eat it. roll a pill in a cat turd let alone a slice of bologne and rover is all over it. a 4 to 5 pound senior calico cat with a heart condition could probably take down a defensive line backer for the nfl and kitty doesn't do what kitty doesn't want to do which is anything you want kitty to do. angell did give me the liquid versions of all persia's meds but she learned to drool them out the side of her mouth. it's only znuh who made me aware that you could have the medications compounded into a derma-gel you rub in miss recalcitrant's ears. but i haven't had time to arrange for a pharmacy to do this and she has to have this medication in her system now. on-line, between work and applying antibiotic to my cat scratches, i only found one in the boston area that does the gel.

even though i told the vet center when i brought her in that it was not going to be easy to get medication in any form into her ,they still packed her off with pills and nary a word. are they fucking stupid or do they just not want to deal? or is it like human doctors where you practically have to get them into a headlock and threaten their first born for them to answer a question or a concern directly? no mention of the liquid or the gel and no offer of a pill shooter- which is a common vet supply and costs about 2 bucks retail. they had to tranquilize the fiend themselves to give her the pills and they thought i'd have more luck? they fucking get paid enough to proffer alternatives to people who outright state that giving their pet pills resembles one of the bedroom scenes from' the Exorcist' only with more blood shed. you try telling brown that "the power of christ compels you!!!!" . you'd be surprised how a creature with no thumbs could shove a cross so far up one of your orifices....

my bosses' son works at a wild animal hospital on the south shore. several months ago he sent me a bag of cat treats and these meaty gummy pill pockets because he knew persia had to have meds every day. she had the liquid medication so i stuffed them in the cupboard and forgot about them. until today. there are so many gimmicky pet products out there i never considered that they'd work- well ,they do. i just pounded the pills into a chunky powder , poured them into the hole, sealed it up tossed it on the floor in front of her and she scarfed it up , crying for more. thank fucking goodness. there's nothing more heartbreaking than thinking you can't get the right dose of life saving meds into your cat. and the struggle everyday will just eat you up.brown started flinching every time i went near her. i worked very hard for years to get harriot to trust me and it made me feel that i could loose that trust and ,to make matters worse ,loose it over trying to help her live longer.

Pill Pockets really work. they are not made with the recalled wheat gluten and we recommend them to anyone that has to pill a dog or cat. why the lame hospital couldn't be bothered suggesting them is just symptomatic of the unthoughtful service evident in just about every segment of the retail and health service world. i know most businesses don't give a fuck about anything but your money but i foolishly expect that where it concerns life or death or anyone or anything's health we'd make a small effort to render some smidgen of concern and helpfulness. i spend more time helping people with their fucking cake purchase BEFORE they hand over the credit card. they had already swiped my gold card twice-you'd think i'd get something besides a slightly shaved cat,a bunch of chopped up pills and the red carpet to the exit.

they also make Feline Greenies-also included in my wild animal sample bag. my older cats don't much like treats but they love the Greenies. they're good for their teeth and cats are like the english- not known for their superior dental work.

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