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"we're gonna have a feline party tonight/ well alright!!!"
" we've got nothing better to do/ than kittenspot and have a couple of brews/domestic shorthair! hemingway polydactil! tortoishell! RAGDOLL!!!!!!"


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I am actually really grossed out at the fact that I could find this.

so it is true- early weening is the cause of homosexuality in the orange SMARMalade....

I had an orange smarmalade..

not sure he was gay as he was fixed before he could figure out...but he did seem to have an unusual love of bananas..

Oh...Matt and I went to meet Julius in Waltham...I also met the very lovely and regal Johanna...and the sweetest bit of cat marshmallow known as Benji.

I also became quite attached to a jowly tabby named JJ...most surly looking kitty face evah!...She asked me if I wanted to volunteer for their organization and I am seriously thinking about it :)

ALL ORANGE MARMALADES ARE THE GAY!!!! not that there's anything wrong with that....

johanna was a hoot- she beat up every cat that came within a foot of me...did you go to eva's house? all those cats in baskets were so funny. she has around 35 there i believe. i also really liked the russian blue who comes to the door. i'm so used to my older cats i was not used to sleek shiny cats under one. i picked the 2 difficult but pretty ones, of course. me and my island of misfit cats.

eva is wonderful. she came with the foster mum to my house to drop the girls off. she could probably tell you were a real cat person. she'll make sure matt gets the right cat.there was a scardy cat tuxedo named louis with t and t at another house who is apparently scared of men but i was thinking matt would be the perfect person to show him men were ok-but i asked eva and they had found someone to adopt him.

once i get t and t settled i offered to volunteer for them. i would foster if i had more room but there's plenty of other things that they need help with.

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