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the Manson Cats
so i was sitting around thinking of the Manson Girls, particularly sandy goode and squeaky lynette fromme, as i am often want to do ,when i heard , yes, a squeaking sound coming from the tortie room.the smaller redish one was squeaking at me through the door crack but when i went to the door she ran away like a hippie down a suburban drive way after killing some pigs.

i therefore present squeaky fromme mohammad... but big black, the older sister, is no sandy goode. she just may be tyrone persia mohammad.we'll see...either that or she's thelonious sphere monk...i mean a gray goatee....on a 7 month old?

and i had a surreal experience at the drug store trying to get harriot's perscriptions. they seemed to assume i had the name adrian harriot brown t. and that i had just been to the Veterinary Center....then when told that it was for my cat they asked if she had been in to the pharmacy before. who knows what these cats do when i'm not home- it's not like they tell me anything. fuck. i wonder if they have any special k....

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LOL nice names. THe Manson Squirrels approve.

already she seems dissatisfied poor jerry ford died before she could get to him....these crazy kids and their conspiracy/guru theories!

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