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" pipe the new fish"
brown is home and does indeed have hyperthyroid that has caused heart problems but the damage done is not as extensive as with persia. getting meds in her is going to be a treat...the doctor had to give her a sedative to get the meds in her.

so she seems her old self. i just can't withstand another kitty funeral so soon.

the torties finailly came out and sat imperiously on 'their' bed. they remained out when i came in the room and even played with me for a bit.alice came in to, to borrow a phrase from ' reform school girls' ," pipe the new fish", sniffed their litter box, demanded one of their treats and then screamed at me and marched out of the room.

it's good they came out for me so soon. theyre back on their lofty tower of tortie priveledge this afternoon but i think they'll be fine and ready to accept visitors soon.

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Our cat Nelly (no relation to the rapper) has hyperthyroid as well - getting her to take pills was a hellacious process. One point she bit right through my Mom's finger.

The Vet however came up with an odea - now we get her medicine in paste form. Comes in a syringe, you squirt out 3ccs and then rub it on the inside of her ear. Hey Presto, no more fighting, and she gets the right dose.

yeah- i have to talk to her vet about it- she's one fiesty old dame, this cat. i actually did get the pills in her this morning but that could be because she's still a little weak from her ordeal.it's not like dogs where you roll the pill in bacon and they inhale it no questions asked.
i recall with persia it was easier to get her liquid meds in her when i first brought her home and she was still woozy from the hospital. when she felt better i was less able to fake her out about it all as she seemed to be able to second guess my clever plots to switch med time around etc etc.-cats are too damn smart.

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