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the morrissey twins
all angsty and bitter glaring at me with distaste from the highest point in the room. the good thing is that they came out from under the bed. the bad news is they look like theyre plotting something ugly involving speaker wire, their litter box and me.....

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Awww...the velveteen princesses :)...are they as soft as they seen too look? I am really happy to hear they are out, but it seems like you have two climbers there. Peets sends two extraneous thumbs up and a wave for her fellow climbers.

" get away from that jazz cat!"

they really have gorgeous coloring and they ARE minky soft although ive only been granted a surrepticous tiny poke through the slats on the bottem of the futon frame.

youve got to see the dark one- she has a few seperate gold toes here and there. the wonder of feline markings.she has a grey goatee-hey! i thought these were kittens, damn it! i paid for kittens not bearded middle age jazz musicians.....

persia also loved to climb to the highest point in any room and then she'd glare down on me from on high...i'm building them all one of those fancy pants multilevel cat trees-carpeted thrones as it where for their regal catnesses.

Re: " get away from that jazz cat!"

err surreptitious

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