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drag out the prayer rug again....
i just got back from rushing harriot brown, close companion of the blessed persia mohammad persia (may her name be praised), to the kitty emergency room- this time in waltham( i've fucking had it with angell- of death and money grubbing- memorial but that rant is for another post). it's nearly exactly what happened with persia. emotionally i'm beyond spent. my little world is dying off right before me. she's there at least overnight.

although i got brown to the vet for her shots friday she completely wigged out-hysterical doesn't begin to describe it -and i was certain she was going to hurt herself. the doctor thought she showed signs of hyperthyroidism so i was planning on bringing her in for blood work monday. i still wasn't certain when the kittens were coming, either sunday or monday, so i was waiting for that date to be set before i made the arrangements.

the torties are now in their 6th hour of hiding under my bed..but they're cute as all outdoors and think they'll come around. lord knows i never saw sylvia the first 2 years i knew her and her previous ' owner'.

brown had been acting odd all saturday but i assumed that was because of her vet trip- she was traumatized when i brought her home friday and her rump seemed to bother her where they injected her. she did begin to eat again and seemed a bit better although subdued by saturday night. sunday, after i got the kittens settled i fell asleep on the couch. brown's belabored breathing actually woke me up-it was so loud. i gave her some of persia's left over meds as her symptoms were just about the same and whisked her off in HAL.

so please give a thought to harriot brown. she might not be the friendliest of my cats and she certainly might be the oddest of them but she really is a sweetheart. she cuddled up to persia and kissed her right before she died and as you may know that's odd- animals usually avoid the dying of their own kind. she's my funky little torbie with the soul of a kitten. as for me, i think i'm going to collapse...

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Oh no, Miss Brown! I hope she's ok today!

emily tries to stop being a genetic man....( not you, honey, read on)

i just talked to the doctor and she says although she's waiting for the blood work she'd be very very surprised if it wasn't hyperthyroid-so brown has exactly persia's problem however they don't so far see the sort of damage that persia had to her heart- which is good.

so ive got a house full of senior medicade kitties (and freaked out new chillens)! i ain't bringing those old biddies to cat bingo- no way and we are NOT going to denny's for the half price senior breakfast at 6am....

right now brown is stable but she has to see the cardiologist so i'm leaving her there instead of bringing on another near heart attack by making her go home than go back than go home again. i guess it's not uncommon for such a stressful incident as that first vet drive to really push a cat on the brink of apparent heart problems over. the truth of the matter is , in people terms, brown is about 100 years old and our organs start to fail at that age. i just want her made comfortable and stable if possible.

i just went through some old pictures( i'll post some later) and as i try to place things in time i realize that persia really was OVER 20 years old, sylvia could very well be 18 and alice the youngest really is 15. the older cats keep getting adjusted upwards the more evidence i find of their being around in the early 90s and in all probability the late 80s. unfortunately i don't currently know anyone from that time who could help define it with more accuracy. i believe persia/brown/sylvia's original owner is back in hollyweird CA with a man who believes himself to be a woman called emily.....( could i make that up?)

Re: emily tries to stop being a genetic man....( not you, honey, read on)

The only thing that could make that more weird is if *I* was that man named Emily.

That is really amazing how long Persia lived on.

Re: emily tries to stop being a genetic man....( not you, honey, read on)

well except for her eyes- which had that cast to them older cats get- she always stayed about the same physically and never got crotchity or arthritic( save for that one leg which she always held a llittle funny anyway-(my guess it was an injury from her days on the mean streets of hollywood)

Much thoughts for you and Ms. Brown. She has always been very very sweet to me when I have visited (she purred last time).

Welcome to the two new Torties, btw!

brown has been super sweet on me lately too-persia's passing triggered her inner urges to be a cuddly lap cat and she's been sleeping on my chest as of late-something she NEVER ever did.

she really has always been a very personable cat but very jittery and very cautious with humans. the person who originally owned her was the same piece of work that dumped poor persia and sylvia in that cardboard box on the street. i recall this person not getting brown fixed ( and she was going into the mad heat) but taking the poor cat to the doctor over the weird little growth in her nose. torturing the poor cat with perpetual heat was fine but getting her cosmetic surgery so she looked cuter was a higher priority. fucking fool. i came home one day and this person had moved out with sylvia and persia and there was poor brown left with me without asking because ' she likes you better' read-i never spent time with the cat and don't think she's cute enough so i'm tossing her to you.

brown was madly in love with one of my roommates who had long red hair and this is the person who actually brought harriot around to being pettable. when anyone with long hair comes over and it's light colored or red she's been known to just stare at them...

i'm going to try to get the twisted fucking sisters out from under the bed and get some tuna ckae shots.....

O FUCK... twisted sister just reminds me of taylor dayne. stop me before i call the new cats taylor and dayne......

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