mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

drag out the prayer rug again....

i just got back from rushing harriot brown, close companion of the blessed persia mohammad persia (may her name be praised), to the kitty emergency room- this time in waltham( i've fucking had it with angell- of death and money grubbing- memorial but that rant is for another post). it's nearly exactly what happened with persia. emotionally i'm beyond spent. my little world is dying off right before me. she's there at least overnight.

although i got brown to the vet for her shots friday she completely wigged out-hysterical doesn't begin to describe it -and i was certain she was going to hurt herself. the doctor thought she showed signs of hyperthyroidism so i was planning on bringing her in for blood work monday. i still wasn't certain when the kittens were coming, either sunday or monday, so i was waiting for that date to be set before i made the arrangements.

the torties are now in their 6th hour of hiding under my bed..but they're cute as all outdoors and think they'll come around. lord knows i never saw sylvia the first 2 years i knew her and her previous ' owner'.

brown had been acting odd all saturday but i assumed that was because of her vet trip- she was traumatized when i brought her home friday and her rump seemed to bother her where they injected her. she did begin to eat again and seemed a bit better although subdued by saturday night. sunday, after i got the kittens settled i fell asleep on the couch. brown's belabored breathing actually woke me up-it was so loud. i gave her some of persia's left over meds as her symptoms were just about the same and whisked her off in HAL.

so please give a thought to harriot brown. she might not be the friendliest of my cats and she certainly might be the oddest of them but she really is a sweetheart. she cuddled up to persia and kissed her right before she died and as you may know that's odd- animals usually avoid the dying of their own kind. she's my funky little torbie with the soul of a kitten. as for me, i think i'm going to collapse...

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