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Tortoise shell cult calls it's legions forth...
they'll be no living with them if they get any inkling of the extent of their cult following....


i still can't get the Torbinator in the fucking carrier. i have to get it done by friday because the new err godlike creatures are coming this weekend- probably on sunday.

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I am looking at this little guy:


as a companion for Dusty. Are these the same people from whom you are getting the two new godlike critters? How does one arrange a visit?

yes yes- this is the Cat Connection in Waltham...they are awesome and i highly suggest them. i was planning a post about them and that if anyone wants a cat go to them. the woman who runs it is wonderful.

fill in the on line adoption form-they really do get right back to you and they really really care that theyre placing their cats in just the right home.they were thrilled i wanted to adopt the torties because they thought most people would be put off by them because they weren't all friendly and cuddly.but i'm not all friendly and cuddly so..there.

dusty really needs a fawning minion...

'The Torbinator' HAHAHAHA!!! Awesome.

i'll look like an egyptian mummy by 2pm tomorrow...she lacerated one arm today and is feeling all full of herself. i recall when i moved her last- to this apartment-i got the other 4 cats in one trip and had to leave the little witch in the old apartment alone for a night.that seemed to calm her slightly but i couldn't get her in a proper carrier so i threw her in a cardboard box ,sat on it and tapped in down with duct tape. i know it sounds cruel but it's the only way i could get her out of there.

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