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reform school pussies

siegfried and roy have kindly agreed to come over tomorrow with some of their big pussy friends to help me get harriot ' the claw' brown to the vet for her vaccinations.

maybe roy should wait in the limo.

i can't adopt ' tawdry' and ' the lady tanquray' until my ill-natured crotchity senior cats are up to date on their shots.

today brown climbed up the basement door to the ceiling when i was trying to put her in the cat carrier. limber little thing for a 15 year old psycho bitch from hell. i gave up and managed to get sylvia and brown to the vet seperately while brown smuggly sat on the couch taunting me, i tell you, as i brought each cat home after her nanosecond appointment.

the very nice irish vet called sylvia a ' very grand older lady' in his delightful brogue even though she squirmed around like a siamese snake, making it nearly impossible to give her the shots. apparently for her age she's in excellent health. alice screamed at me all the way to and all the way home from the vet. she has a very slight heart murmur which may just have been the result of her dramatic preformance( over acting if you ask me) in HAL on the way there. something to keep an eye on but not yet cause for alarm given her age and it's lack of severity.

last time i took brown for shots the vet called her, on first sight, ' mental' because all calicos ' have a screw loose'. fucking bitch!- you're talking about my chillens!!! the time before that miss mental managed to dig her claws into the hard plastic of the carrier and wouldn't come out even after we shook it ,rather violently, upside down. the vet told me he certainly wasn't about to even touch her . i had to stuff my arm in the carrier, brown sunk her claws into my fore arm and i removed her that way.

maybe a whip and a chair will be required...

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My calico girl was very sweet. I really miss her. She used to talk a lot; sometimes it sounded like she was saying "baloney," and "I don't know." It was adorable.

all my calicos have been chatter boxes- the calicos with the seperated distinct patterns more so. in fact alice is the only cat i have now who is not a calico/tortie variation and even she always barks hello at me every morning. .

this one in the picture - brown- yammers away at me constantly and often yowls alone in the kitchen. my dear departed Co( in the picture with the tuxedo cat ) and i ' murphed' and trilled at each other and always seemed to be saying ' huh?" as in ' what are you on about?". when she was older and blind when she couldn't find me she'd call for me, i'd respond and she'd come to me.

vets see me coming with calicos and theyre always- ohh here comes a little bitch but i'm really found of them and find if you are there's they are the sweetest and smartest cats. of course this is because theyre all females....

I've never had one bitchy calico. I wasn't aware that they were even known for bitchy temperament until your post.

it's referred to as ' tortie-tude'( tortoise shell and calico temperment that is)and i see it as just that they're opinionated and voice it. my calicos have always been sweet as pie to me but that's because i respect their boundaries.they tend to be difficult with vets and people they do not know and trust. ive found them to be devoted and smart. i just love calicos. all but one of my cats is a calico type.

'tortie tude' AWW! That's so cute. :D

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