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reform school pussies

siegfried and roy have kindly agreed to come over tomorrow with some of their big pussy friends to help me get harriot ' the claw' brown to the vet for her vaccinations.

maybe roy should wait in the limo.

i can't adopt ' tawdry' and ' the lady tanquray' until my ill-natured crotchity senior cats are up to date on their shots.

today brown climbed up the basement door to the ceiling when i was trying to put her in the cat carrier. limber little thing for a 15 year old psycho bitch from hell. i gave up and managed to get sylvia and brown to the vet seperately while brown smuggly sat on the couch taunting me, i tell you, as i brought each cat home after her nanosecond appointment.

the very nice irish vet called sylvia a ' very grand older lady' in his delightful brogue even though she squirmed around like a siamese snake, making it nearly impossible to give her the shots. apparently for her age she's in excellent health. alice screamed at me all the way to and all the way home from the vet. she has a very slight heart murmur which may just have been the result of her dramatic preformance( over acting if you ask me) in HAL on the way there. something to keep an eye on but not yet cause for alarm given her age and it's lack of severity.

last time i took brown for shots the vet called her, on first sight, ' mental' because all calicos ' have a screw loose'. fucking bitch!- you're talking about my chillens!!! the time before that miss mental managed to dig her claws into the hard plastic of the carrier and wouldn't come out even after we shook it ,rather violently, upside down. the vet told me he certainly wasn't about to even touch her . i had to stuff my arm in the carrier, brown sunk her claws into my fore arm and i removed her that way.

maybe a whip and a chair will be required...

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Have you tried the scruff trick? (If she lets you get close enough).

It took 3 people to get Tippy in his carrier to go home. Last time, I got a nice gash on my shoulder and arm.

Peets, on the other hand, once you bring out her carrier and set it down, will just WALK into it out of her own accord. Very, very strange.

she seems to retract her scruff( there's not much of it) when i come near. she may be a little crazy but she's always been very smart- she's the one who can open doors. it's hard to get close to a whirling tasmanian devil with sharp knives located every millimeter.

the rest were a lot better about traveling when persia was alive as long as she came along. her and sylvia used to go in the same carrier. also the older the get the less receptive they are to being moved about. it's just harder fro them to be away from their territory wheere they feel safe. the woman i am getting the torties from is over 70 and she manages to get absolute ferals into carriers-i'm in awe. but i suppose because theyre my own cats i am more conflicted about upsetting them particularly since sylvia and brown are still depressed about persia's passing.

btw...you know that there are vets that do housecalls, right?

yes, but it will still require removing miss thing from the ceiling with a full body teflon suit on or encased in chain mail and a knights armour....maybe a kitty taser has been invented?cats riot all the time.
i did manage to move her to this apartment so i guess i'll survive and come through somehow..luckily saint e's is right around the corner from the vet...

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