mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

indentured servitude announced

so officially the horridly named ' tawny and tequila' have been set aside for me.

look! one of them already has the whip at ready to smack me around, tortie style.

they wouldn't let me get close enough to touch them but i sat and talked with them for a spell and felt the powerful persia mohammad's presence which said these are the 2 that needed me. i felt their chances of adoption were slim because theyre still a little feral.( they were born in the basement of a house. theyre curious about people but aren't sure what to make of us). once they are used to me i need people to come over the house and play with them- which should be fun because theyre kittens at that crazy cat phase. the more theyre around people the better they'll be socialized into domestic cats. most people aren't real keen on cats that want nothing to do with you. they need someone to care for them despite that. and theyre gorgeous- the pictures do not do them justice.

ferals that have been partially tamed are fine with other cats especially when this young. they don't tend to fight because the cost of getting hurt in a cat spat in the ' wild' could be death from disease or injury. it's contrary to the laws of survival.

the cat that looked like persia was actually not part persian and much darker. i liked her and she liked me but i think her chances of adoption by people are great- she's very friendly and pretty. i didn't feel the pull to her that i felt toward the sisters tortie.

now i have to take my three girls in to get up to date on their shots. sylvia and alice will be fine but i still have scars from moving brown here from allston. she doesn't even like to be picked up.

does anyone have a cat glove or teflon body armor?
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